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Monday, 27 May 2019
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Visa is one of the most popular and convenient payment methods for online casinos today and can be used by players from all over the world. There are many online casinos which accepts Visa as a payment method. Visa exists both as debit, credit cards and pre-paid cards and almost everyone owns one and uses it to make payments online with. The reason for its popularity at online casino sites is that it is easy to use and to make withdrawals to the card is quite simple, fast and hassle-free. Another reason is that the withdrawal fees are usually very small or none at all.

Types of cards

Credit cards are cards which allows you to borrow a certain amount which is available on the card and granted by the bank to the cardholder. On these borrowed money an interest rate is being charged when paying back the used funds. The negative thing with credit cards is that you may lose track of how much you actually are spending, and end up spending more than you had in mind

Debit cards are cards which when you use them the amount you pay are drawn directly from your bank account, and this makes it easy for you to keep a track of your spending’s.

Prepaid cards are pre-loaded with a certain amount and not connected to a bank account and they are provided by retailers, banks and websites. The limit on the card depends on how much the card is loaded with.


To protect sensitive information, the casino sites offering Visa as a payment method uses SSL encryption technology and firewalls in order to protect the information you are giving out. Furthermore, in the case of lost cards or if your card has been stolen, Visa has security measures and procedures that you as a card holder should follow. There is also a verification procedure by Visa called Verified by Visa which protects your card against unauthorized use when making payments online.

Making a deposit

In order to make a deposit with a Visa card you would first have to register an account and navigate to the deposit page and fill in all the required credit card details. If everything is in order the payment should be shown on your player account immediately after the deposit has been approved.


In order to apply for a Visa debit or credit card you just contact your bank and they will introduce the available card options for you. It is best to consult with the bank you are applying at to inform you about the different benefits and annual rate for each card.

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