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Saturday, 21 September 2019

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Tornado Farm Escape Slot Review


About Tornado Farm Escape The life on the farm can be hard sometimes, especially in this online casino game where the farmer makes the animals work all day long. The animals are fed up and tired and when they hear about the news that a tornado is on its way

Tiki Wonders Slot Review


About Tiki Wonders Aloha and welcome to Hawaii. You do not have to travel all the way to Hawaii to experience some of the amazing atmosphere that Hawaii has to offer.  In this casino game from Net Entertainment it feels like you are actually there, dancing on the beach, drinking

Bonus Game Feature


Bonus Game Feature Almost all slot games offer bonus games which you can trigger during a spin. The bonus games are mostly found in 5-reel slot games and gives you a better gaming experience. When you activate a bonus round it is always a nice moment, since you have the

Reel Re-Spins


Reel re-spins Have you ever made a spin and you are one symbols away from getting a winning combination or even the jackpot? This feature could come in handy when those unlucky situations occurs. But it is not free, you have to pay for the re-spin just like any other



Nudges The nudge feature is a useful feature to use when you are close to getting a winning combination and if you are close to a jackpot then it might come even more in hand. The nudge feature is especially popular in the fruit machines, and you will find them

Gamble Feature


Gamble Feature The gamble feature is an exciting feature, and is a good feature to use if you feel like gamble your winnings earned from a winning spin. This feature is often found in fruit machines or other types of slot games in which you can gamble on the color

Cascading Reels


Cascading Reels About Cascading Reels If you want, you can call this feature Falling Reels and Rolling Reel since it goes by these names also.  This is a quite new feature and you can find it in slot at many online casinos. The cascading reel feature makes the slot game

Rotating Reels


Rotating Reels If you are close to getting a winning combination, then this feature will surely make you a happy player. Especially if you are close to win a jackpot, which can reward you with money for life. But imagine that you can win in every position possible from one

Win Both Ways


Win Both Ways When you are playing slots online you can win both ways in them, which means that you can create a winning combination from both left and right and from right to left. Many of the slots that you can play at online casinos offer the possibility to



Paytable You find the paytable button in most of the slot games online which will have the text “Paytable” or letter “i” written on it. By clicking on this button which normally is located in the bottom of the game screen, you will access information on how to play bonus