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Monday, 27 May 2019
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Return to Player (RTP), is normally shown as a percentage number. This number indicates how often it is likely for you to win in a specific slot – the higher percentage the higher is the chances of winning. This number is a long run number which means that it does not indicate how often you can expect to win in the short run, but in a longer period of time.

An example of an online casino in which you can view the RTP in specific games is They have dedicated a whole page just for this information.

Generally speaking, if a game has a 100 % RTP then you and the casino have an equal chance of winning. If a game has more than 100 % in RTP then this means that the chances of you winning in a game is higher and that in the long run the casino is losing money in that game. If the RTP is below 100 % you will have chances to win in the game but in the long run the casino will make the most money out from it. The standard number for RTP in slots online is around 96 %.

The RTP is calculated by taking the total amount returned to players / total amount bet by players. If you would like to know how much RTP a game you playing has, then this is usually stated in the game rules. The game rules of a game can be access by clicking on the question mark displayed in the bottom of the game window.

We hope that this explanation about RTP has given you some insight in how it works and this percentage might be interested for you to look up next time you are playing. Remember that these numbers are just indicators and you should not look to closely on them when choosing a game to play.

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