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Monday, 27 May 2019
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Gamble Feature

Gamble Feature

The gamble feature is an exciting feature, and is a good feature to use if you feel like gamble your winnings earned from a winning spin. This feature is often found in fruit machines or other types of slot games in which you can gamble on the color or suit of the card. If you guess the right color, then double your winnings or if you guess the right suit you will quadruple your winnings. But if you guess wrong, you will lose the entire winning earned from that specific spin.

There is also a gambling feature in which you have to guess if the coin ends in heads or tails, and if you guess right you will double your money. The gambling feature HI-Lo is found in fruit machines, and you will have to guess if the number is lower or higher than the number showing on the screen.

A newer addition to the gamble features is the Split gamble feature, which allow you to split your winnings and gamble with only the half of it and save the rest. This is a good option if you wouldn’t like to gamble away all of your winning but keep a bit of the cake as well.

The gambling feature usually activated when you get a winning combination and it will very visible so you do not miss the chance to use it. Usually it said “Gamble” or “Collect” on the screen and by choosing “Gamble” you will activate and play the gambling feature and by selecting “Collect” you will instead collect the winnings from that spin.

If it is worth to use the gamble feature is up to you, but it is a feature which is of interest if you are looking to increase your winnings quickly. It is a 50/50 chance that you will increase your winnings, and if you like to gamble then why not go ahead and take the risk.

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