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Monday, 27 May 2019
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Coins & Coin Value


Coins can be displayed in a slot by showing how many coins you have altogether. This is generally displayed in the corner of the game window. Once you win money this coin value will increase and when you lose money the coin value will decrease. This coin value is transformed to cash on your casino account.

You can also win a specific amount of coins in slot games. The amount of coins you can win is usually highlighted as soon as you open the game. The coin amount, which can be very generous at times,  can be won by getting winning symbol combinations.

Coin Value

You can set the coin value by clicking on the arrows next to the coin value display. The amount can be different but usually you find values between €0.01-0.20. In some games his could even reach up to €2.

The coin value is the money you want to bet on each payline in the game. Let us demonstrate:

  • If 25 paylines is activated and your coin value is €0.10, then you will make a total bet of €2.5 since 0.10 x 25 = 2.5.
  • If 25 paylines is activated and your coin value is €0.50, your total bet for that spin will be 25 x €0.50 = €12.5.

We hope that you understand a bit more how the coin value works after this demonstration. Next time you play in a slot you can try out this calculation yourself.

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