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Tuesday, 26 March 2019
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Alderney Cambling Comission

About Alderney Cambling Comission

The Alderney Gambling Control Mission (AGCC) was founded in May 2000 and consists of one chairman and three members, and is independently run. The AGCC regulates the online gambling in the State of Alderney. In 2012 the three first gaming licenses were issued and the license meets very high international standards. According to the Gambling Control Mission, they send more eGambling traffic compared to any other location in the world. The reason behind this is because players do not pay any gambling taxes.

Types of Licenses

There are two types of licenses,  namely a category 1 License and a category 2 License which an online casino can apply for. All online games run on mobile needs a category 1 License. This license allows a casino to register and verify players, manage their funds and to keep a contract between the casino and the player. The category 2 license gives the casino authorization to handle gambling transactions and to operate and manage a gambling platform. Furthermore, a casino holding a Category 1 Gaming License must have funds to cover the credit of all registered players since the casino has to ensure its financial responsibility towards the player.

A casino can apply for both types of licenses depending on their operation and the application should include the information below.


In order to apply for an Alderney license the following needs to be provided:

– A completed application form, including any appendices.

-A deposit for the application fee and any other costs relating to the application.

-Any supporting documents

-Key individual application forms related and any related deposits.

For more information about the AGCC License please visit this page:

Responsible Gaming

A casino having a AGCC license must have a responsible gaming page on their website. On this page the player can set limits such as deposit limit, loss limit and gambling transaction limits. Furthermore, the player can close their account a period of time by requesting this in writing.


If a player believes that the casino is breaching its license in any way they can contact Alderney Gambling Control Mission. In case of any other problems the player should first of all contact the casino directly so that they can come to an agreement. If this is not possible, the player should contact the Alderney Gambling Comission for further help in solving the matter.

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